Improving Business in the Wilmington Region

Why We Are Here

We are obviously proud of our area, but we understand that there are an abundance of nice places to live and conduct business in the good ole USA.  What sets us apart is that while we have a high quality of life which we all can enjoy, we also aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  The Wilmington region has a long standing reputation as an area rich in quality employees.  Our populace wants to live and work here and you’ll soon find that dedicated employees are the norm not the exception.

Companies like Verizon Wireless (Financial services center employing 1400+) and PPD (World leading clinical research organization employing 2,000+) have discovered that not only is there an available work force to pull from, but also you’ll have no trouble getting your current employees to relocate here.  As a matter of fact, when it came time for industrial juggernaut General Electric to choose where to relocate their Nuclear Energy world headquarters, Wilmington won the project based upon many factors, not the least of which was the ability to convince GE’s dedicated employees to relocate from San Jose, California (another high quality of life area) to Wilmington.