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Fiber Ready ILM Business Park

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Fiber Ready ILM Business Park Press Release

ILM Now Home to Nation’s First AT&T Fiber Ready International Airport Business Park

With quick access to a deep-water port and top-notch aviation facility, ILM Business Park has unique advantages when it comes to connecting businesses to the global marketplace. But the park’s connectivity assets became even more impressive in April with a “Fiber Ready” designation by AT&T.

The fiber is superior to its copper predecessor, enabling the high-speed bandwidth necessary for video, collaboration, cloud services and other Internet-based tools.

“Any tenant on the property will have the ability to use this network,” says Julie Wilsey, director of ILM. Commercial airlines and rental car agencies operating at the airport are already finding the fiber beneficial to their businesses. “Everything is on computer these days,” Wilsey says. “When kiosks are operating slowly, it can slow down the entire customer experience.” The improved network is also enhancing the efficiency of airport authority operations, transmitting faster and more reliably the transmission of data and images that are part of administrative, financial management and security operations.

Tenants at the 109-acre ILM Industrial Park who are interested in subscribing to the service can have the fiber extended to their facilities at no cost, according to John Lyon, regional director of external affairs for AT&T Corporation. “ILM is the first international airport in the country to receive this designation,” Lyon says. The distinction follows AT&T’s designation last fall of Pender Commerce Park as North Carolina’s first fiber-ready industrial park. “For years the North Carolina brand was based on ‘First in Flight’,” Lyon says. “Now we can add to that, ‘First in Fiber’.”

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