Improving Business in the Wilmington Region

Millions in Improvements Coming to Wilmington Port

By Alexis Bell, Spectrum News

PUBLISHED Apr. 08, 2019

The latest addition to the Port of Wilmington sailed in on Monday, their third Neo-Panamax crane.

This is part of NC Ports’ $200 million improvement project

These Neo-Panamax cranes are taller than the older ones

The COO says the crane will be fully operational in the next couple of months

This is part of North Carolina Ports’ $200 million improvement project. Other improvements coming to the Wilmington port include berth renovation and expansion, turning basin expansion and harbor deepening, and expansion to the container yard.

Brian Clark, Port of Wilmington chief operations officer, said their main goal is to enhance the economy of North Carolina, and having a more competitive port does that.

“By adding this capacity – this crane – by improving the berths, improving the facility itself, we’re able to attract services that ultimately will lead to cost savings for our customers,” said Clark.

Compared to their older Post-Panamax cranes, the Neo-Panamax cranes are taller and have a longer outreach to accommodate the loading and unloading needs of ultra-large container vessels.

Clark said the crane will be rolled off the vessel it sailed in on in the next two days, and fully operational in the next couple of months.

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