Improving Business in the Wilmington Region

Greater Wilmington Region

The Greater Wilmington Region is bisected by East/West Interstate 40, which provides an expressway from the International deep-water seaport in Wilmington to Southern California. Interstate 40 offers a connection to North/South Interstate 95 within one-hour drive in Benson, NC. Interstate 73/74, already in construction, will connect the region with Detroit and the Midwest and is within a 30-minute drive via Interstate 40. By locating in the region, companies enjoy an excellent infrastructure; transportation access by highway, rail, seaport and air; superb quality of life; and a pro-business attitude second to none. The state’s largest river, the Cape Fear, bisects the region on its way to the coast. The predominantly flat topography of this region – which often makes construction less complicated and much less expensive – gradually gives way to the gentle rise and fall that eventually becomes our state’s spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains.