Improving Business in the Wilmington Region


In the wake of Hurricane Florence, Wilmington Business Development (WBD) is working vigorously to help facilitate the complete restoration of the economy of Greater Wilmington. Our staff and leadership are safe, and our operations suffered very little downtime in the storm’s immediate aftermath. Still, not everyone was so fortunate. Florence left behind death, destruction and dislocation for our residents, and the road to complete recovery will be long. Our hearts are with those who bore the storm’s worst impact.

Supporting the region’s industrial community has been a key element of WBD’s business retention and expansion focus since the organization’s founding in 1956. Our efforts to reach out to affected companies are ongoing, and our experience and networks make us uniquely qualified to play a key role in getting the region’s economy back to peak performance. We’re also working in earnest with elected officials, private allies, community and educational partners, and our counterparts at NC Southeast and the NC Department of Commerce to formally assess the impact of this historic storm on our infrastructure and businesses.

Of course, we also remain committed to our global marketing and recruitment programs, and are eager to help growth-minded businesses from around the world find their place in Greater Wilmington. We believe the courage, competence and dedication of our first responders, our county and municipal leaders, our businesses, our educational institutions and our voluntary organizations – everyone in the region, in fact – say all the right things about the quality, compassion and pride of our region.

As stewards of the region’s economy and a key resource for our business community, WBD remains focused on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Like the Greater Wilmington itself, we’re open for business.